Professor Andrea Colli is the new Scientific Director of Eucardia

Eucardia is pleased to announce that Professor Andrea Colli has accepted to take up the legacy and challenge of Professor Parravicini, inventor of the Heart Damper® and co-founder of Eucardia, and to succeed him in the Scientific Direction of the project.

Student and friend of Professor Parravicini, Head of Cardiac Surgery at the Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Pisana and a member of the Society’s Board of Scientific Advisors, Professor Colli will empower the development of the Heart Damper® with his excellent medical-scientific skills and international experience, gained in the United States and Europe.


“Professor Parravicini was my mentor, but before that he was my first inspiration to pursue a career in cardiac surgery, a field as fascinating as stressful.

It is an honour for me to succeed him in the Scientific Direction of such an innovative project, which aims to mitigate a widespread problem such as heart failure, while redefining the contours of current knowledge of cardiac pathophysiology”.

Professor Andrea Colli