Its technology

The Heart Damper is a patented minimally invasive cardiac device designed to be stably fitted into the left ventricle by an easy and rapid beating heart procedure.

The Heart Damper is actually in pre-clinical stage and it is not yet available on the market.

  • 01 It provides an increase in the ejection fraction and reduces the volume of the left ventricle
  • 02 It exploits the residual contractile capacity of the left ventricle
  • 03 It doesn’t require any external power source
  • 04 It is minimally invasive

Technological innovation

Heart Damper is made with highly innovative, super-elastic and shape memory materials, with excellent biocompatibility.

For its development Eucardia works with important centers of excellence in this sector, based in Italy, Europe and the United States.

Why is it revolutionary?

It is minimally invasive

It doesn’t require any external power source

It aims to reduce the staggering healthcare costs connected to Heart Failure

It aims to improve the quality of life of millions of patients