The Company

Eucardia develops the Heart Damper, a novel medical device intended to provide a simple, quick and cost-effective solution to treat patients affected by Advanced Heart Failure, giving them a longer and better life expectancy, at the same time reducing healthcare costs for their assistance.

Eucardia is an innovative SME operating since 2014, which attracts and aggregates experts with diversified and complementary skills in the fields of experimental and clinical research, cardiology and cardiosurgery, biomedical and materials engineering, regulatory affairs, development and management of highly technological businesses.

  • 01 Eucardia is an innovative SME
  • 02 It develops a revolutionary cardiac device
  • 03 It counts on a constantly growing team of experts with diversified and complementary skills

Our core team

Eucardia’s ambitious project, by becoming a mission, has managed to involve a motivated and cohesive team, strongly convinced that technology, today, allows us to solve a pressing medical problem such as Systolic Heart Failure.

Roberto Parravicini

Technology Inventor

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Andrea Colli

Scientific Director

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Marco Bottaro

Chief Executive Officer

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Francesco Piccagli

Senior R&D Manager

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Edoardo Tronchet

Regulatory Affairs Manager

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Francesca Parravicini

Investor Relations & Corporate Communications

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Emanuele Ottina

Head of Finance and Fundraising

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Board of Scientific Advisors

Eucardia’s project has the support and endorsement of distinguished medical professionals, who believe in the potential of the Heart Damper to the point of sharing with the company their extraordinary clinical, academic and research experience.

Jacques Goldstein

Cardiac surgeon

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Claudio Bussadori

Cardiovascular specialist
Veterinary Clinic Director

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Giancarla Cerioli

Clinical cardiologist

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Jim Pokorney

Mechanical Engineer

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The important awards and endorsements obtained by Eucardia at both national and international level confirm the highly innovative impact of the project.